D: Kordula Hildebrandt
C: Daniel Goede

Documentary about a young man's spiritual journey into the world of ashrams, centres and communities of Berlin.
Germany 2014 | Documentary | colour | HD | 84:00 min | Produced by Kordula Hildebrandt and Sascha Supastrapong

Nominated for Best Documentary (achtung berlin - new film award 2014)
Nominiert for Exberliner Film Award (achtung berlin - new film award 2014)
  Orania ORANIA
D: Tobias Lindner

Documentary about a South African community that refuses to become part of todays's multi-ethnic Rainbow Nation.
Germany 2012 | Documentary | colour | HD | 94:00 min | Produced by Tobias Lindner and Sascha Supastrapong in Coproduction with the Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin

Special Mention (Durban International Film Festival)
Highest grossing film of the year (Bioscope Independent Cinema)
Best Film (5. ETNOFilm Festival)
Best Documentary (Jozi Film Festival, Dreamland Film Festival)
Nominated for Best Documentary (Raindance Film Festival, achtung berlin - new film award)